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Antelope Valley Hospice Care recognizes that the final stages of live come with a myriad of circumstances, challenges, emotional upheavals and many questions. A terminal prognosis puts the family into an emotional tailspin, looking for answers, for hope and reassurance. This phase of life also requires a lot of planning. A medical prognosis may set a time parameter within which to get family business done and out of the way, but once this is out of the way, families will have the time to share qualitative time and prepare for the final transition. Although every terminal illness is different, even a minute changes may signal finality. It is at these times that we have a clear obligation to contact family members of the loved one in an immediate and loving way. The pathos of a facility is just as important as the qualifications of medical staff and details of programs offered. Care may vary by the venue in which it is provided. Care standards are the same, however, methodology of performing services may vary from in-home, on-site or elsewhere.

Professional Hospice Care In Antelope Valley

  • At Antelope Valley Hospice Care Provider we are committed to handle your loved one and family with dignity, compassion and kindness. We strive to provide the highest quality of care in making your loved one’s transition as comfortable, memorably to the family and as pain and distress-free to the patient as possible.
  • When investigating us and other hospice, please make note of the NHPCO help line 888 407-0787. They are always willing to help and provide information on palliative service providers such as us. We look forward to welcoming you to the Antelope Valley Hospice Care Provider home during this final voyage for your family and loved one.

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